PURO BMX was born as a community for bmx riders.

We worked together with BMX team to build their brand and ecommerce.

The site is a total success. Is the top seller bmx brand in the country.


Lukla zapatos

This is my favourite project. My sister´s own Shoe leather homemade brand.


  • We built a WordPress ecommerce with Woocomerce
  • Responsive site
  • Payment methods
  • Social integration



Online multi-brand store

This project was made in two steps. The first plan was to build an online catalogue of multibrand products and a helpful platform for openly select products and ask for an online budget.

The seconf part of the plan was to add an online ecommerce automatized  platform, with payments and shipping methods.

We included:

  • Syncronization with Mercado Pago
  • Prices rules
  • Taxes calculator
  • Shipping method
  • Personalized emails
  • Masive online data entry


Ceferina Ponchos ecommerce

This project was built on 2012 by Andrea Ciorciari Designer of

We helped her by creating and improving her ecommerce with:

  • Online multilingual store
  • Responsiveness
  • Payment methods integrations
  • Social networks integrations
  • SEO