SAFE Wallet project

The first wallet in the SAFE network to manage credit card numbers, passwords, safecoin/altcoins wallet(s), and many other type of personal information.

Branding Pina&Co

Heathy food and nutrition practices by Delfina Busto Chediek.

Meet the 5 programs that she has built for this amazing project.

Illustrations by Majo Caporaletti.

Web design and branding by Vivavisual

La Avenida

Homemade pasta factory in Buenos Aires since 1959.


Circus company by Veronica Arabetti

This project is full of passionate people that work with huge effort and love.

In this circus company  teachers offers a nice variety of culture options: Theathre lessons and workshops, acrobatics, dance lessons for all ages, seminars and much more

The initiative is TO GIVE, TO BE, AND CREATE 

DAR: The large capacity of teachers and students to give all their potential every moment, every lesson.

BE: To feel the artistic movement as a part of their owne and believe in personal career development growth.

CREATE: The ability to build their own projects and combination of arts.


Yoga Studio: La Higuera Yoga

Project lead by Dolores Romera. Yoga Studio in Tigre.

With Dolores ideas we both participated in the creative process of builiding her brand. She was totally sure of what she wanted so it was very easy to help her.

The studio is still growing every day. Not only they teach yoga lessons but also this place works as a multispace covering health areas like Chinese medicine, ayurveda medicine, osteopathy, Tai massage, Buddism lectures, workshops and much more.

It is a pleasure to still work with all of them.


Analia Espiga Studio

Analia Espiga Industrial Design Studio, located in Villa Ortuzar, C.A.B.A.

The job: Build a responsive minimalism portfolio. A project that speaks by itself.

Real state website

Samek Prop family project

  • Realstate portal – Delta Argentino
  • Self-management 100%
  • PH: Vicky Polak